The Perfect Luxury For The Perfect You

In the realm of beauty, a tale unfolds, A texture of luxury, a story to be told; Pure poetry in a formula’s embrace, A symphony of elegance, a tender grace; Packaged in beauty, a sight to behold, More than mere makeup, a story of gold

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A powerful formula
that is


Transfer Proof Weightless Non Sticky Clean

For the Diamond that you are

De Solitaire stands for the inner brilliance of a diamond that every woman possesses. Our products are meticulously curated to enhance and celebrate your unique beauty, both inside out.


Cruelty Free

FDA Approved

Research Backed



When usually non transfer lipsticks are drying, thick and sticky, how is your formula a complete opposite?

Our formula has been crafted with a lot of research to achieve a perfect combination of ingredients that give you a texture that is perfect - NON TRANSFER, NON STICKY, WEIGHTLESS and NON DRYING; in short whatever you want your luxury lipsticks to provide you. It is difficult to find this balance of "all the things you need" in one lipstick, but our formula absolutely nails it. You need to try it to believe it!

Are your products actually CLEAN, VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE & NON TOXIC?

Absolutely! and we are proud of it. We research all our ingredients before using them to form the perfect blend for you.

We don't test on animals, rather all our products are first tested in the lab and then on research volunteers.

We also make sure that our products are FDA approved and use ingredients that are not only non toxic but also rather good for you!

What is your shipping and return policy?

We usually ship our products within 2 working days during regular season and they can end up reaching you within next 3-5 days in case of India and 7-10 days in case of UAE, USA & Europe.

We make sure that you get the product in good condition and always get your order in time. But in case of any issues regarding the same, you can reach out to us on

Also do check our shipping and return policy for more details.